Life With Pawpi


How To Get A Dog to Eat Their Dog Food

Once a dog tries people food, it’s pretty hard to get them to eat their dog food again. After you give them a taste of a home cooked meal, dog food just isn’t going to cut it. They suddenly realize you’ve been holding out on them. I’ve been cooking, baking, and air frying for Pawpi […]

November Bark Box

After getting Bark Box offers in my email and then seeing them continue to pop up in my instagram feed… I caved after seeing a Facebook add to get a double deluxe Bark Box for the price of a regular Bark Box (Okay so it was legit the same exact offer I kept getting in […]

Joining Dog Mom Facebook Groups

Obviously I’m not a freakin dog expert by any means. I’m basically the equivalent of a new mom running on 2 minutes of sleep trying to figure out what a crying baby needs at 3:39am… but like the dog mom version of that… just like without the crying baby and a WHOLE lot more fur… […]

Taking Care Of A Dog With One Foot

By one foot I mean me having one foot… not Pawpi having one foot (After typing out the title I googled “dogs with one foot,” turns out most dogs have two or more legs… When I googled “dogs with one paw,” because dogs have paws, google just showed me a bunch of dogs lifting a […]


So apparently Alaskan Klee Kais and Siberian Huskies typically shed twice a year when the seasons change (this lasts anywhere from two to about five weeks and if you wanna be fancy about it, it’s technically called “blowing their coat/undercoat“). Basically they have two coats of fur, the surface fur we see and the coat […]

Puppies Stare… A Lot

Maybe it’s just my pup or maybe it’s all of them; but Pawpi has the tendency to stare out a window for long periods of time while I read or do whatever I have to do. Don’t even get me started on all the hours she’s spent outside on the balcony just staring out. Maybe […]

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